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Making the paper it's printed on worth its weight in ink.

Old Mill District -
New 2023/2024 Ad Campaign

Rolling out the new ad campaign. Print, billboards, and digital.

OMD-Source Ad 09-28-2023-9.58x13.09-1a.jpg
OMD-Bend Film-PRINT-08-2023-7.88x4.jpg
OMD-Bend Film-DIGITAL-08-2023-1920x1080-1a.jpg
DT Horses

New ad campaign.

- Quarter Horse News

- Pacific Coast Journal

- NHSRA Times

- American Quarter Horse Association - Bend Ale Trail Brochure

Redesign and new photography.

Bend Velo Bike Shop

New ad design and headline creation.

J.Livingston - Promotional Postcard

Time to mix up the design a bit for a promotional postcard. Bike paint color options featured on the front simulating steel tubes...made you look! - Roundabout ArtRoute Brochure

Redesign and new photography.

Bend JOY Project

The Bend JOY Project is a challenge, a conversation, an opportunity, an experiment and a mission to bring joy in meaningful ways to keep our community happy, strong and vibrant.

Logo design. print advertising materials, street banners, billboards, stickers, digital, share cards, and clothing.

U.S. Green Building Council

LEED Core Concepts Guide: An Introduction to LEED and Green Building, a 108 page guide designed for both hard copy printing and e-document download.

Victorian Cafe

New ad campaign

Silverado Jewelry Gallery

Print advertising


Items designed for Silverado Jewelry Gallery, Bend & Hood River locations :: Print advertising, digital ads, email blasts, direct mail pieces, business cards and everything else in-between.

Natural Edge Furniture

New photoshoot and ad campaign

Structure Development NW 

Self promotion brochure design

Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault: How Potty Accidents Happen and How to Make Them Stop Book Design

A brand new book design for preschool through elementary age children. This book is a fantastic tool for parents. Cleverly writtten by Suzanne Schlosberg, masterfully illustrated by Cristina Acosta, and designed by Dyan Roth.


You can buy it at Amazon.

John Paul Designs

Print advertising for Central Oregon Magazine



The USGBC Community College Member Handbook: A Guide to Educating the Next Generation of Green Professionals. Twenty eight page handbook designed for print and web (fully interactive).


Green Schools Investment Guide: for healthy, efficient and inspiring learning spaces. A 40-page informational brochure designed for print and web (fully interactive).


USGBC ROADMAP to Sustainable Government Buildings. A seventy-two page document for the Sustainable Government Buildings guides government staff and officials in the development of a green building program based on the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system.

Charting Your Journey > Reaching Milestones > On The Horizon > Additional Resources.

Old Mill District - New Ad Campaign

Rolling out the new ad campaign. Print, billboards and digital.

Old Mill District Design Team: 

Art Director + Design - Dyan Roth Design

Community + Digital Strategy - Cassondra Schindler

Creative Director + Media Strategist - Noelle Fredland

Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist - Lynnette Braillard

Copywriting- Jamie McGaw

Mosaic Medical

English and Spanish double sided Informational brochure. There are several brochures that features this same design. To differentiate the content new photos are used for each one and color bars have been switched around.


Items designed for Mosiac Medical :: Tri-folds, business cards, web site, building signage, letterhead, business cards, informational postcards, forms and just about eveything else in-between.


Mockingbird Gallery

Print ads for artists featured at the gallery.


Items designed for Mockingbird Gallery :: Magazine ads, postcards for marketing and promotions, and brochures for artist gallery showings.

Greg Welch Construction

A 12-page informational brochure featuring stunning photography of homes Greg Welch has built.


Items designed for Greg Welch Construction :: Logo, business cards, letterhead, website, print ads, brochures, warranty book, construction checklist & sub-contractor map, signage and three ring binders.

Optima Foot & Ankle and Spa

Foot Spa tri-fold featuring the services the Spa offers.


Items designed for Optima Foot & Ankle and Optima Foot Spa :: Logo, letterhead, patient forms, stickers, business cards, RX pads, print ads, billing envelopes, banners, note pads, presentation materials.

Kim Cooper-Findling

Chance of Sun book cover design.


Items designed for Kim Copper-Findling :: logo, business card, book cover.


logo and stationery design.


Items designed for Foreterra ::  logo, stationery, business cards

Paul the Computer Guy

Self promotion tri-fold brochure advertsing multiple services for business, home and repair.


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